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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about a card reader, ever

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to meet someone who can ACTUALLY read your cards and reveal your true path? While you probably thought the person doing this would have an epic scarf to match their equally-as-cool robe, not all heroes wear capes (or robes) as proven by the latest addition to the Kindred Kommunity.

Letitia Brooks is an oracle card reader and healer come mum of 2 tweens who like many of us loves fitness, going out for breakfast and travelling to Bali. Brunches aside, she’s actually an intuitive reader, healer, teacher & guide who is passionate about giving people the light they need to bring about self-healing and love. Unique to every individual, her sessions connect to your heart & soul and tap into the energy or healing that is needed most at that point in time. Cool, right? 

We were intrigued to hear how this ex-business director started helping others see their true worth and uniqueness and landed at Kindred, so here it is.

I started working as an energetic healer and oracle card reader because… I stopped resisting and starting to listen to my heart rather than my mind. My intuitive and healing abilities have been with me since childhood, I didn’t always understand or accept them, but it’s always been the truth of who I am.

Before this I was…a business director working in the advertising industry.

The biggest misconception about what I do is… trust. People always want a rational explanation for everything, if you can’t see it or have some scientific explanation for it, then it can’t be true. Some get it some don’t, I’ve learnt to just go with the flow.

My favourite types of clients are…ready, they’re sick of feeling lost and open to all possibilities, but have no expectations. Expectations is our mind trying to control everything. It’s beautiful (if you’re comfortable revealing!)

One of the most exciting thing that’s ever happened in a session was…seeing the transformation that occurs in people, whether during a private session or during my teaching workshops, it’s humbling and gives me goosebumps just writing about it. I’ve seen people at their lowest completely open-up and find a sense of self belief and inner strength they thought had been taken from them. I love it.

You should try healing/card reading if…you want a greater connection to yourself, or are just a little bit curious, you never know what will happen. It’s when magic happens.

I love working at Kindred because… it has amazing energy, I love the eclectic space and that so many people from different areas can come together as a community. It’s how it should be.

Letitia is now taking appointments out of her new studio at Kindred. She’s also running workshops and you can join her next one on the 19th of August. Book here 

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