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Record your rehearsals at Kindred

Kindred Studios is pleased to announce that we are the first location in eastern Australia to offer OpenLIVE’s automated recording system for band rehearsals.

OpenLIVE’s cloud-patented based recording system allows bands to schedule a recording for their rehearsal in less than two minutes and soon after their rehearsal is complete, they’ll have a mixed and mastered recording ready for them to review in their secure OpenLIVE dashboard. While OpenLIVE’s system alleviates the need for set-up or pack down of recording equipment as it’s permanently installed, it also allows for simple sharing of the recording between band members. This saves considerable time in emailing Dropbox links (or similar) and every band member having to download files.

There’s no cost to book in a recording. “Booking the recordings for free is something that we see as important,” says Ando McDougall from OpenLIVE. “Free recordings make it a no-brainer… Bands can listen to previews of their rehearsal in their private OpenLIVE dashboard and if they like it, they can purchase an MP3 download for $4 per hour of recording, a Hi-Res FLAC download for $6 per hour of recording or $8 per hour for the original 4ch Stems.”

“Kindred Studios has evolved over the last few years and aims to stay ahead of the curve,” say Dhanesh Trimmer, General Manager at Kindred Studios. “Offering OpenLIVE recordings makes sense for Kindred Studios, enabling bands to get more out of their rehearsal than just a place to practice.”

Kindred Studios is offering OpenLIVE recordings in rehearsal rooms 6, 9 and the Deluxe room.

Bands rehearsing in these rooms can now schedule their recording via

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